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TSK7 Heat meter


Heat meters TSK-7 are intended for metering, recording and remote monitoring of heat consumption monitoring and heating medium parameters in two closed and open water supply systems, each of which may include the pipelines: supply, return and hot water supply, makeup or drinking water pipelines.

Application field

Heat meters TSK-7 are optimal for use at public, housing and utilities sector objects: schools, nurseries, hospitals, offices, residential hosues, cottages, district central heat supply stations, boiler-houses etc.

Heat meter structure

Heat meters consist of the following functional modules:

  • heat amount calculating unit VKT-7;
  • up to 6 flow transducers:

– electromagnetic - PREM, "VZLET ER", "EMIR PRAMER-550","MasterFlow";
– vortex-type - VEPS, VPS, DRK-V, DRK-VM, METRAN-300PR, EMIS-VIKHR;
– ultrasonic - ULTRAНЕАТ, "PRAMER-510", UFМ 001, UFМ 005, UFМ 800, URZH2KM, АС-001, SRKD, URSV VZLET MR, IRVIKON СВ-200, RUS -1, SONOFLO, ULTRAFLOW, SUR-97;
– velocity-type - VST, TEM, ETK*/ETW Vodouchet, MNK*/MTK*/МТW Vodouchet, VGSN (VSTN), VSHN, VSHNd (* only for cold water volume measurement);

  • up to 5 temperature transducer 100P, Pt100, 100М, 500P and Pt500.
  • up to 5 excess pressure transducers with output signal 4-20 mА.

General technical specifications

Connection of external devices

Following devices with RS232 and RS485 interface (the latter interface allows connecting several devices to single network) can be connected to TSK 7 without removing the seal.

  • printer for printing reports to heat supply organization;
  • computer for visualization and analysis of measurement and diagnosis results
  • storage panel for transfering measurement and diagnosis results to PC.
  • modem for remote transmitting measurement and diagnosis results to PC.

Recording measurement results indications

TSK7 heat meter archives1152 hourly, 128daily and 32monthly recodrs and total indications of measurement results and diagnosis of heat supply parameters.
Current and archive indications are displayed on two-line indicator panel of VKT-7.

Metrologic characteristics

Measured value Measurement range Error limits, % Note
Amount of heat, GJ (Gcal, MWh) 0 - 107 ±(2 + 4Δtн/Δt + 0,01Gv/G) S GOST R 51649 class, 1 GOST R EN 1434 class
±(3 + 4Δtн/Δt + 0,02Gv/G) B GOST R 51649 class, 2 GOST R EN 1434 class
Volume, m3; mass, т 0 - 108 ±2  
Volumetric flow rate, m3/h 0 - 106 ±(2 + 6/Т)  
Temperature, °С 0 - 180 ±(0,4 + 0,005t)°С* Up 160°С for KTSP-N, KTS-B
Temperature difference, °С Δtн - 180 ±[0,5 + 3(Δtmin + 1)/Δt] Up to 150°С for KTSP-T(P,N), KTS-B
Pressure , MPa (kgs/cm2) 0 - 1,6 (0 - 16) ±2  
Operating time, h 0 - 49999 ±0,01  

* Absolute error

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