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SHC SPECON is the software and hardware complex intended for creation of automated management systems for different objects of power industry, such as boiler houses, central and individual heating plants, automated heat supply management systems (AHSMS) etc., general industry (construction materials production, flame furnace, autoclaves etc.) agriculture (grain dryer, greenhouse, water supply wells etc.).

SHC SPECON includes:

  • Technical means complex (TMC SPECON):
  • Top-level software (SW) based on MasterScada supplied by In-SAT company (Moscow).

TMC SPECON structure is determined depending on specific automation project. Standard structure of TMC SPECON includes:

  • SPECON Controllers;
  • Heat amount calculation unit VKT;
  • GAS amount calculation unit VKG;
  • Flow transducers PREM;
  • Temperature sensors;
  • Pressure sensors;
  • Pumps;
  • Actuators.

Also SPECON-Registrator Software is offered to the client, displaying on monitor all measured parameters simultaneously in the form of indicating devices or graphs with assignable time scale, similar to automatic recording instruments.

SHC SPECON and SPECON-Registrator  are the parts of the Teplocom Information and Measurement System (State Register No. 30185-07, Certificate RU.C.34.001.А No. 29157).